Friday, January 4, 2013

Girl Friday, first of 2013

The celebrating is still continuing here.  My sister in law and her family, which include my 4 nieces, are still in town.  What do 4 teenage girls want to do??  Get mani's and pedi's...
go shopping...
and have lunch...
I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday afternoon!!

Tonight we have our last Christmas party/dinner/celebration at my in laws home.  This is the last night of over eating and over drinking for me! (well at least for a week)

Tomorrow my extended family heads back to Michigan and the decorations must head back to the attic.  It really is much more fun to put the decorations up then to take them down...

Tomorrow night, dinner with the hubs and a friend...

Sunday it is time to strategize on how to pack for Paris and Dublin.  There is a very strict 44 pound weight limit on luggage so I have to be really smart about what I am bringing.  Santa left this for Dr. Beautiful under the tree...
I think I might just hijack this baby for myself!!

Have a beautiful first weekend of 2013!!


  1. What a fun day you have planned:) The Tumi case is sweet;) I think you definitely should hijack it!

  2. I can't believe you are still celebrating Christmas. I love it!! I put my decorations away and in storage on the 27th. I wanted to celebrate Henry's B-day on NYE without Christmas getting in the way. How weird am I?

    You must be so excited for your trip!!! I am excited for you. :-)

  3. Hi Jill! I am sure you are looking forward to your post Christmas trip. The weather is extremely mild at the moment both here in Dublin and Paris. I hope it remains good for your trip... I will gather some information on restaurants and shopping for you over the weekend and let you know next week:)Enjoy the manis/pedis with your nieces today!

  4. Sounds like a fab weekend! I would love to hear how you pack all your stuff! I would be pulling my hair out!

  5. Have a great weekend Jill! And yes I hate taking the decorations down too. No fun!

  6. Jill have a lovely time in Dublin I do not know how long you are staying but the best shopping street is Grafton Street I would recommend Brown Thomas as the best shop on this street. For a casual lunch I would recommend Avoca which is just down the street it is also a lovely place to shop. For a drink I would recommend the Shelbourne Hotel on Stephens Green it has a great atmosphere. To eat for steaks Marco Pierre Whites on Dawson Street or Rustic Sone or Pichet Restaurant on Trinity Street. Everything I have mentioned is all closeby I am not sure where you are staying but you will need to make a reservation for the restaurants so maybe the Hotel could make them in advance of your arrival.

    If you wish to go to a shopping centre then I would recommend Dundrum you could get the luas transport from grafton street to Dundrum about 20 minutes. Hope this helps you a little.

  7. We're contemplating upgrading to Tumi -- let me know if it's worth it!