Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I am back from a fabulous vacation
 I walked, ate, and drank my way through Paris and across Ireland, and it was perfect!!

However, re-entry is always rough.

Piles of laundry...

mail to read...

lots of kisses to give the kids...

still on Paris time...

and now thanks to my 8 hour flight home, I got hooked on this...

so instead of taking care of business I am watching this and speaking with an accent!!


  1. Welcome back!! Please post some more pictures. I loved the ones on Instgram but I'm sure you have more. :-)

  2. haha I'm sure the accent is fun! ;) Can't wait to see your trip re-cap!!

  3. Laundry always brings you back to reality. Looking forward to the trips fun details

  4. Post-vacation blues are so rough -- I always have to start thinking about my next trip to get over them. Can't wait to read your re-cap!

  5. Looking forward to the recap!! I hear so much about that show--going to start watching! I'm having Homeland withdrawals and I need another show!

  6. Delighted you enjoyed the trip ... looking forward to seeing your photos:)