Thursday, January 10, 2013

Luck of the Irish

The Ireland leg of our trip is a lot more chill and relaxing.  We have very busy days and nights in Paris so the general consensus was just to hang out (maybe in pubs) and relax.

I think the perfect spot to hang out is a castle.  We will be here for 2 days...

and while we are here, we will do a little falconing...
 apparently that is the thing to do in Ireland, catch a falcon on your arm!!

We will then head to Dublin, I am told Grafton Street is where we want to be

and from a recommendation from my friend Anne, dinner at Chez Max


  1. Looks like the perfect place for a relaxing stay in Ireland and then off to Paris - what a great combination.

  2. Rich and his family did a trip to Ireland when I was 7 months pregnant with Henry. Not fair! I wanted to go but was too cautious.

    Have a great trip! Enjoy your time alone with Dr. Beautiful. :-)

  3. I have never been to Ireland -- can't wait to see your pics! hint, hint...don't take too long ;)

  4. I spent four weeks in Ireland a few years ago, and you're in for a real treat!! Even with the cold (often rainy) weather, it was absoultely incredible. I am without a doubt going back.. many times!!! Have fun!!

  5. I have stayed in ashford castle twice it is stunning.