Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Have The Golden Ticket!

Each December, Nordstrom hosts an "invitation only" Christmas party. The store closes early to get ready for the party. They bring in carolers, a catering company to prepare small bites, a hot chocolate station with any topping imaginable is ready and waiting, and wine and drinks are served as well. Nordstrom knows the best way to get women to spend money is to give them a little wine first.I love this party, I look forward to it every year. I even love the holiday shopping bags.
Nordstrom's decorations are so classy and so beautiful.

The icing on the cake, you get 10 points for every dollar you spend. If anyone has a Nordstrom charge, you know this is like giving away money!

What I really love about the night, is the 3 hours that I go shopping with my friends. When I was in my 20's I would spend hours upon hours at the stores with my friends just shopping, every weekend. 15 years and 3 kids later I do it once a year at the Nordstrom party. Just me, my friends, and some wine!

Let the holidays begin!!


  1. I miss Nordstroms!!! Sounds like so much fun!!!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous night! I so wish we had a Nordstroms here, I do most of my shopping online. There is a Nordstroms in Charlotte, I hit up everytime I'm home! A wine filled night with friends and shopping sounds awesome! Wine always helps you make good decisions!

  3. So jealous! That is going to be so much fun! We have a Nordstrom here and I absolutely love it but have never recieved the skeleton key to the Christmas party! haha. Have fun!

  4. OK that sounds like so much fun!!! I love those shopping/booze events. Dangerous! When I lived in NYC I went to this adorable shoe boutique called Constancia, drank a bottle of bubbly, and walked away with several pairs of very expensive shoes. So much fun and I'd do it again if I didn't have kids to worry about now. :-)

    This year I went to the Hermes store opening in Chicago. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us buy anything!! I was ready to get a scarf. :-)

  5. That sounds so fun! I wish we had a Nordstroms. :-(

  6. I've been to that same party many times. It's so much fun. I love the holiday music and the wine, of course. So festive.

    One year, my girlfriend and I had semi-makeovers and I bought some false eyelashes. Hehehe...maybe it was the wine that made me do it! :)

  7. That party sounds like so much fun! We don't have a Nordstroms here so my spending there has come to a halt lol.