Monday, August 16, 2010

He's the man

A couple weeks ago, I dropped Matthew off at overnight camp. This is how he was before I dropped him off....
And here he is after I picked him up!
Since camp I have had the following requests from him

1. He would like an e-mail account so he can talk with all his friends from camp

2. He would like an e-mail account to keep in touch with his new girlfriend, who lives in Michigan.

3. He would like to grow his hair long so he can "flip it"

4. He would like 6 pack (I swear those are his exact words) abs

5. He would like to get a job where he can make lots of money so he can buy his girlfriend a Gucci purse (nice)

6. He thinks he is old enough to start saying the word crap.

He actually sat me down with his list of requests, I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. What the hell kind of camp did I send him too? I am so not ready for this stage. I think I like it much better when they throw a fit when Dora is over or when we are out of apple juice. Lord help me!!


  1. Bahaha...LOL. That is hilarious.

    Love the "six pack." My son has been working on his all summer (weight training). We even had to buy some kind of protein shake to help things move along. Hasn't really helped. He's still the skinny kid he was at the beginning of the summer.

    The hair comment. Oh, my!

    Gucci purse? Where did he learn that one. From the girl??? Watch out!

    The word crap. Well, at least it's not ... you know.

    I would demand a refund from the counselors. LOL!!!

    Going to add you to my blogroll. :)

  2. Ok this is hilarious!! You had me laughing out loud at my desk at work! The things kids say.

    Your son is going to be a lady killer!!

  3. Jill - I do work downtown (in the Sears Tower!). I'm walking distance to all the State Street shopping which is so nice (and dangerous)...I haven't been to the Tory Burch store that you like because I rarely get to Michigan Ave/Oak Street and all that lovely shopping.

    Your comment about Scarlett getting a bottle at 2 am made me feel better. It seems like everyone's 2 month old babies are sleeping 11 hours and I can't get her to do it!!

  4. Oh dear, his list is hilarious! I wonder what on earth made him think of all of those things! LOL