Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'll take it!

One of the perks that comes with the change of seasons are the incredible sales, there are some great ones going on right now so ladies shop away.  The hubs and I are heading to Costa Rica in October, where it will be 90 degrees so I am definitely thinking of new items I can use on our trip, and taking advantage of every mark down.

The Lilly sale was just insane.
 All I kept thinking was these dresses would be perfect for our dinners in CR

I know it's over but I hope you did not miss it!!

Obsessed with the dress,  the cutouts are perfect
I don't think I can wait until our trip to wear this, it might be making it's debut this weekend

We will be doing a lot of hiking on this trip
these shorts are perfect

There is also a surf school at our resort

 since we will be learning to surf,  I will need this rash guard shirt

The perfect beach strolling shoe

The cutest walking to town shorts

and a few more goodies from Jcrew

Happy Shopping!!


  1. I had too much luck at the Lilly sale! I am in shopping time out now. Pretty selections up above!

  2. You're going to be the most fashionable babe in Costa Rica! :-)