Friday, August 22, 2014

Girl Friday

Cheers to the weekend!!

Crossing a few things off my summer to do list this weekend.

Catching up with old friends at one of my favorite restaurants...

Then a little staycation with one of my besties.
On our agenda

My bag is packed  and ready to go

Here's to one of the last weekends of summer!!


  1. I'm dying over your bikini top!!!! That sounds like a fantastic weekend. :-)

    Thanks for your comment. Matt is lucky to have you for his momma! Have a good weekend and have a glass of sparkling for me. I'm not sure if this is a "dry" wedding. My cousin is super religious. Law have mercy I hope there is wine!

  2. I am THRILLED that summer is almost over only because of the hideous heat in Texas, my home. We used to leave every summer with all the kids and their friends, but those days are over. However, I certainly understand the summer vacays with girlfriends. Here's to that !!!

  3. Hope you had a fab weekend Jill!!