Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pop The Bubbly

I am itching to throw a dinner party.  Sometimes when you are not in the mood for traffic, crowds, or waiting for a table, a dinner party is the perfect solution.  

In my mind this dinner party I am throwing is coming together beautifully and I have my theme all worked out...

Mini champagne bottles at my door when you first walk in...

my table would look something like this

I have my menu all worked out

Beef tenderloin with champagne mustard sauce

and how about this amazing dessert table

stocked with champagne-sicles
put your favorite fruit popsicle (Edy's Fruit Bars) in a wine glass and fill 1/4 with champagne

chocolate champagne truffles

champagne bubbles

champagne cake with fresh strawberries

in the goody bag for all my ladies
OPI Only Drink Champagne


  1. PERFECTION! I'll book my flight now. ;-)

    Seriously that is the cutest party idea!! How are you?!!!

  2. I would love this dinner party...enjoy your weekend Jill:)

  3. this is one dinner party I would glady enjoy!!