Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Not only has our stint in Michigan come to an end, but so has our summer.  With just a little over a week before the kids are back in school and we have to get back into some sort of routine, we still have a few things to cross off our summer bucket list

A day at the beach

Right so if you know anything about geography you know that STL is land locked.  Well I discovered a little gem about 15 minutes from me.  A man made lake perfect for swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, and playing in the sand.  Pools are great but there is something about a picnic on the beach that just can't be beat

Since I spend so much of my summer away, I don't get to see my girlfriends much during these 3 months.  The perfect way for us to catch up, a little getaway in our own back yard.  Our decision on which hotel to stay at is based solely on who has the best pool, our top pick is always here
Chase Park Plaza

but there were some close contenders

Every year there is an 18 mile bike ride at midnight through the street of downtown.  Every year they close the streets to cars and set up party tents throughout the bike course.  Every year I am usually in Michigan, but not this year.  This Saturday the hubs and I are meeting my sister and her hubby downtown at midnight for our bike race, so excited!!

Make my deck pretty
I don't focus too much on flowers/planters because I am gone so much in June and July that if they were to survive I wouldn't even be around to appreciate them.  Now that I am home, I need to spruce up my deck and make it pretty.  We still have a good 2 months here before dining outside is no longer an option.

I better get busy!!


  1. Hi girl! I can't believe your kids are back in school already. Henry and Keira don't start until after Labor Day. I have no idea what Rich is going to do with them for the next 24 days. hee hee!

  2. Delighted you had a great holiday Jill....2 more weeks for school here!