Thursday, September 11, 2014

Work it Gurl!!

This time of year is always so tough with time management.  Going from summer mode to school mode is quite an adjustment and I don't even have a real job.  Kudos to all the working moms out there, it is all about being organized (something that I am not) and having your schedule down.

The only schedule I have down is where/when I work out, (dinner schedule is next, I hope)  There are so many work out options out there and I like to mix everything up for maximum results.  I guarantee no matter what city you live in, you can find these classes...

Bar Method Monday
Love this ballet workout, light cardio, mainly core conditioning and muscle strengthening.

pros of taking this class...

really cute socks,

and the hope that some day I can have arms like this.

Spinning Tuesday
this is an hour of straight cardio.

pros of this class...
I wear my fit bit around my ankle and it is insane how many calories you burn!!

TRX Wednesday
this class reminds me of bar, light cardio but intense muscle building.

pros of this class
some day I will be able to do this.

Cardio Tennis Thursday

pros of this class...
adorable tennis accessories

and very cute clothes.

Mix it up Friday.  
Fridays mornings I like to fly by the seat of my pants with my workout and it is always depending on my mood.  Friday afternoons is when I play interclub tennis so even if I am lazy Friday morning I will still get a work out in.

On my radar.
Not sure when I will have the time but there are a few new classes I would like to try.  My sister in law in Chicago told me about this class
Shred 415

it is a cardio/interval/strength and conditioning class and I hear it is crazy good.  This just opened here in STL and I have so many friends that are already addicted.  Next Monday I plan on taking this instead of bar.

Also, I am dying to take an aerial fitness class
I am completely jealous of everyone that takes this class, they have the best arms

and last but not least
rock star fit

now time to go to lululemon!!


  1. Dang girl! I'm exhausted just from reading this! Get it!

  2. You are a workout queen!!! I am dying to try all of these too. I'm happy when I make it to Women's Workout World. :=)

  3. I am thinking of doing the barre method I have had shoulder surgery do you reckon it is ok? I do most of the other classes. My favourite is spinning I feel you can almost feel the fat melt in this class

  4. I need to start working out arms need toning!