Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Few Pretties

 Sometimes it is hard to feel pretty when you have a foot of snow on the ground and the temps are topping off at 5 degrees.  I am trying to resist the urge to just pull my hair back in a pony tail and stay in yoga pants all day long.  These few pretties might be just what I need to get me out of my slump!!

What better way to feel fancy then a pair of sequin leggings

Or a little sparkle on your sweater
sparkly sweater

If I am going to wear a pony tail I should at the very least have these


If I do leave my house sometime it is just to go to the gym.  I am in love with these chevron shoes, I need these shoes!

chevron shoes

and who can't use a little words of wisdom on their socks
cute socks

And finally, if this snow keeps coming I am going to need a pair of these.  Durable and cute!!



  1. Lovely choices Jill! I think this is going to be a rather long month!

  2. Aw, I wanted sequin pants for my birthday dinner and couldn't find them! Boo, those are so cute!!