Monday, January 13, 2014

Nailed it!!

The day after any awards show my friends and I like to sit around like we are Joan, Giuliana, and Kelly and discuss what everyone was wearing.  Once all the stars have arrived on the red carpet and are ushered into the theatre, I pretty much turn the channel, I mean it is all about what they are wearing anyway.

By some chance if I get the call today from E asking me to fill in and give my favorite looks of the night, I am ready....

Jennifer Lawrence
this dress is so simple yet she looks so pretty

Louise Roe
love the cut, love the color, love the lace, love the cut out

Lupita Nyong
I didn't even know who this girl was, I had to google her ( 12 years a slave) but her dress/cape combo was perfection

Cate Blanchett
anyone who can wear all lace and not come out looking like the bride of Chuckie is a winner in my book.

And my number 1 top look, she looks so feroish, Emma Watson
Just wearing a dress/pants combo was a fashion risk but I am telling you I am now obsessed with this look.  She nailed it!!


  1. Emma Watson looked great. I also loved Olivia Wilde and Amy Adams dresses- and man Amy Adams has gotten skinny!! and I am so glad Breaking Bad won!

  2. Honey, Lupita Nyong has been killing it on the red carpet. She is was the best dressed for me. But there are a lot of fierce fashion going on last night.

  3. I liked Sandra Bullock's dress, although not many other people did. It was just a different look.
    That cape dress combo above was stunning on her.
    Also, why don't I look like Olivia Wilde when I am pregnant? Or ever? The green body con sequins were amazing!

  4. OMG I didn't watch much of the show. I'll watch the Fashion PoPo tonight. I LOVE Emma's pants/dress combo. So cool.

  5. I loved Emma Watson's outfit! I wish I had an excuse to wear something as glam as that! :-)