Friday, January 24, 2014

Girl Friday

For the next 24 hours I will have to be a crazy dance mom.  My daughter is in a local dance competition, and yes some of those moms are as ridiculous as they are on the show "Dance Moms".    If you have never seen this show consider yourself lucky, if you have a daughter just wait, soon enough this show will be constantly on.

We are packing up and heading downtown to the hotel where the competition is being held just to make life a little easier (plus I am working on that mother of the year award)

I have a friend who is also a "dance mom" and we have plans to meet here for a glass on wine once are girls are settled in for the night

Then on Saturday for 11 hours straight I will be watching dance competitions!!

Saturday night I am high tailing it out of there and off to my friends annual paddle tennis party

Paddle tennis is kind of like tennis but smaller, the courts are smaller, the ball is smaller, the rackets are smaller,  you can play off the fence, and we will be playing outside in the 13 degree night air.

My friend has added her rule, a round of this after every match!!

Sunday is my friends birthday and since we will all be out paddle tennising the night before we have a little rehab/birthday/bloody mary brunch planned

Something tells me I will be asleep by 8PM Sunday night!!

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  1. You are a champ for watching dance for that many hours!! I recognize those breakfast items. That place was so good. :-)