Thursday, January 16, 2014


The start of a new year always gets me motivated for a few DIY projects.  There is something so rewarding about tackling a project from start to finish.  Here are a few things I have lined up for myself.  Some will take a day, and some might actually take all of 2014

Glitter Wine Glasses
I bought a box of inexpensive wine glasses at target and I plan to sparkle them up with this tutorial I found.  This sounds easy, lets hope so!!

Photo Gallery Wall
I hate that I take so many pictures then never hang them.  My goal for 2014 is to have my entire wall going upstairs covered with photos.  These layouts will make this easier.  

Original Works of Art
In addition to hanging photos, I really want to do some art projects with my kids before they are too big.  When I was in college I babysat for a family with 3 little girls and they had all these beautiful projects they made in art class framed and hung and I remember thinking, when I have kids I want to do that, well the time has come.

Holiday Neighbor Gifts
I am officially the worst neighbor!!  The entire month of December I had neighbors leave cookies, candles, towels etc on my doorstep and every day I kept thinking I have got to do something for my neighbors.  That never happened.  I already set a reminder in my phone for Dec 1, 2014 to start working on my neighbor gifts.  Baileys and hot chocolate is my kind of gift.

Build a Dollhouse

I bought my girls a dollhouse kit from hobby lobby, right now it looks like this
so we do have a big job ahead of us, we have to paint every square inch, assemble and glue the house, then we get to decorate.  One of my sweetest memories is building a dollhouse with my dad, I am doing this because I want to do something special with my girls that they will hopefully cherish their entire lives.  There is a dollhouse store close by that sells every piece of furniture or any accessory you could imagine so I think we will have fun.  BTW there are some crazy, over excited, dollhouse people out there.

Just writing this post has motivated me to get busy this week!!


  1. Love the Glitter wine glass , and the Holiday Neighbor Gife

  2. You have some awesome projects on your horizon! Those glasses are fab and I want a dollhouse!!

  3. That dollhouse will be cool! I need to get started on some projects too:)

  4. Your hallway would look amazing as a frame gallery.
    You are ambitious to build a doll house!!!
    I love the neighbor gift idea. I have 3 neighbors I would do this for!