Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pack, Unpack, Repeat

I cannot believe I am going out of town again this morning, but this is a very quick trip.  I am taking my girls and my mom and heading down to Silver Dollar City

If you are not familiar with Silver Dollar City the best way to describe it would be a cross between 6 Flags, colonial Williamsburg and Vegas minus the hookers.  It is about 4 hours south of STL in a town called Branson.  The hubs thinks it is totally cheesy ( I completely agree) but my kids love it here.  I don't like going in the summer it is hot, sweaty and crowded but I love going this time of year.

The place is totally decked out in lights

you can ride the Polar Express

there is a Christmas parade

and of course Santa is around
This trip always gets me in the holiday mood!!

I am rolling back in town Friday night just in time to go to dinner with my adorable next door neighbors.  The cutest 80 year old couple ever.  He wears a suit with an ascot everyday and she is always in pearls.  I would love to be as classy as them when I get older.  They are taking me and the hubs to their club which I think has one of the best views of the city skyline

Saturday I am having a little staycation with for a friends birthday.  We are starting off the day with a food tour of the city.  This event is hosted by a local food magazine.  We go to 5 different restaurants within walking distance of each other for a small plate of their best dishes plus a cocktail

then we are hitting up the spa

at the hotel we are staying at for the night

with most likely some late night craziness!!

Have a beautiful weekend!!


  1. You are so busy!! I want to go to Branson. Looks like fun.:-)

    Enjoy that St. Louis Food tour! I think you told me about that when I visited. YUM!