Thursday, November 14, 2013

We're off!!

This morning the hubs and I are taking our son to Washington DC.  We decided when each of our children are in 8th grade they get to pick a spot in the US they want to visit.  I am really excited Matthew choose DC, it has been years since I have been and there is so much to do.

We have a lot to cram in these next 4 days, I thought a trolley tour tonight of all the monuments at dusk would be a great way to see the beauty of the city plus get a lay of the land.

We have our lists of museums to visit
Air and Space

Natural History

The Holocaust Museum ( I have heard this is haunting)

The Spy Museum

Museum of American History.

At this point I might need to spit up with the hubs and my son.  In the American History Museum, there are a few exhibits I am so excited to see but I don't think the boys have any interest...
fashion of The First Ladies

Julia Child's kitchen

In addition to the museums we are going to see
The White House

Capital Hill

Lincoln Memorial

Tomb of the Unknown Solider

Of course we will be dining at some well known and tasty establishments..

and I promised my girls we would go to Georgetown

and bring back some love

Have a beautiful weekend!!