Monday, November 25, 2013

Scenes from my Weekend

My weekends of travel are officially over until Christmas!!  Despite the crazy weather we had in this part of the country, we had a great weekend.  

Thursday I was planning on spending the day at Silver Dollar City but it just poured and poured and poured so we came up with plan B, a rodeo

Dolly Parton (yes, you read that right) has a rodeo in Branson

She owns some of the biggest, most beautiful horses I have ever seen
Of course no photos in the rodeo, but it was really a great show.  It was a Christmas show with Santa so I think it softened the blow for my girls who were so disappointed we never made it to Silver Dollar City.

I am in LOVE with the bathroom sink, it looks like a watering trough and would be perfect in my laundry room

Friday I made it back to the Lou just in time for dinner

Saturday was my little staycation with some friends, we started with a food tour of the Central West End.
We stopped by 5 restaurants for a sampling of their best dish and best cocktail
Dressel's Public House 

I love this place, it has the first urban garden
and the cutest gift shop
Cafe Osage 

Pi Pizza 

Bar Italia

and our last stop
Bissinger's Chocolate

Once we were stuffed it was off to the spa

after we were all feeling refreshed we grabbed a coffee and did a little shopping

At this point we were FREEZING, I cannot even begin to tell you how cold it was on Saturday.  I hope this is no indication of the winter we have ahead of us.  We decided  the best thing to do was to warm up at the Whiskey House

cheers to girlfriends, birthdays, and great weekends!!

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