Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dining Benches

A couple weeks ago I finally got the bigger, better kitchen table that I have been eyeing

I love it but I am having a seating situation.  Our last table was oblong so I just put 5 chairs around it for my family.  This one is rectangular so it really needs 6 chairs to balance it out.  I could get another black  leather parsons chair for our table

but what I am really thinking is to get rid of 1 chair and replace a side with a dining bench.  The more I search for benches the more I am convinced this is what I want.

The more I search, the more I am convinced this is what I want but I have not found "the" bench yet so the search continues.


  1. Yes!!! Love the bench look! Ballard Design makes decently priced benches and you can pick your fabric!

  2. I am looking for another black leather parson's chair if you are looking to sell...

  3. I love the look too, but trust me it is a huge pain!! Especially with kids! If 2 or more people are sitting on it and 1 wants to get off, the whole bench needs to be moved. Or if one person wants to get me on this! Go to World Market and sit on one of their benches with an employee and see if you like the concept. Cute Chairs are the way to go!!!