Monday, November 4, 2013

Got my Life Back

The auction is over, and it was a huge success!!  My weekend was so fun and so exhausting.  I am still dragging my feet today.

Saturday morning I was at the hotel by 7:30 am to get started on the ballroom.  This was a fund raising event so we had a very small budget.  I think we did a good job with our $500 for 27 tables.

We finished up by 1pm so I had just enough time to meet my friends and get my hair done

then run home and get ready

The doors opened at 5:30 and we were ready to bid away.  This was our first year doing everything electronically, when you walked in you got your bid pal and everything was done with a few clicks

This is great for raising more money (don't have final numbers but what I did see was amazing) but I am not going to lie, you do feel a little anti are constantly checking to see if you are still winning, have you been outbid etc.  I was in a conversation with people and doing exactly what I tell my kids they are not allowed to do, check their phones and not look at people when you are talking to them.

By 9:30 the auction was officially over and the band was setting up
 I grabbed my dancing partner (no, it is so not the hubs) and watched while the band set up waited for the fun to really begin.

My feet are still aching today, I wonder if I can play tennis this morning in my Uggs.


  1. I have post dancing aches too! Love your shoes and clutch! Gorgeous! Great job on the event! Now you can relax!

  2. You looked great! And I love your shoes/bag. Looks like it was a great success! I bet you are so glad it's over. :-)

  3. The flowers turned out amazing! I adore your clutch/shoes! GLITTER!
    Take a nap! You deserve it.

  4. Glad your event was a success! Tables look great. Love your dress and shoes!!!

  5. You look fab Jill....amazing event)