Monday, April 29, 2013

Scenes from the weekend

I cannot believe we just had our last weekend in April.  Please tell me I am not the only one that puts off and puts off projects for the weekends, then the weekends roll around and you have no time.  I had 3 projects I wanted to tackle and lets just say that maybe next weekend I will have better luck.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the color run, which was so much fun...

But a little messy...
 After the race I rush home, shower (still cannot get the red out of my hair) and we are just about to head back downtown for the Cardinals game when I look at the tickets.  Not sure how this happened, but we actually had tickets to the game Friday night which we completely missed.  Oops, I am not crazy, I had in my i-calendar we had tickets to the Saturday game.  Totally bummed because Friday night we were just chilling at home.

As I was anticipating, the palazzo pants are so comfortable.  I felt like I was wearing very cute and very stylish pajama pants Saturday night...

I did manage to squeeze in a little work this weekend...
then I was done.

Sunday night I just wanted to hunker down so I ended up watching this movie...

All I can say is go see this movie,  I laughed, I cried and I got the message, this story will make you believe in God.  This was a beautifully done movie open to many translations.  You can take the movie for face value, it is what it is or you can see the animals as a metaphor for human traits.  I love a good movie with a message that makes you think.

Happy Monday!!


  1. You look so awesome in your palazzo pants. I wish you did more OOTD! I know you have the best wardrobe out of all the bloggers. I want to seeeeee it!!!

    OK. I will for sure rent that movie!!

  2. Love those pants! I've been wanting to see that movie!!!

  3. Great palazzo pants...they look so comfortable to wear:)

  4. Love the outfit the pants and shirt work so well together. I had seen the trailer for ths film and thought it a little weird but I might go to it now.

  5. Hi Jill!! Thanks for the sweet note, how exciting for your sister and what a wonderful experience for you to go with her!!
    Hope you are well, am so behind in reading blogs sure do look pretty covered in color!:)

  6. Gonna have to watch that movie!What a fabulous pic of you and your daughter at the color run. And your backsplash is to die for, ah!!! Gorgeous.