Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saving For A Rainy Day

For the past year I have been saving my Nordstrom notes and asking for Nordy gift cards for my birthday/Christmas/whatever the celebration that involves gifts.


Well I have had my eye on something that I absolutely would never spend my own hard earned money on....
The burberry trench for $1195.00

That is an absurd amount of money for a trench coat, however if I can use other people's money and reward points I am all over this!! ;)

I am halfway there, good thing I have a birthday in June


  1. OMG I've always loved burberry trenches. Any and all of them! Yay for you!

  2. Good for you!! I was fortunate enough to have one gifted to me for my 30th birthday (thanks mom!) and 7 years later it's still going strong and frequently worn. You will love it. I even wear it in the winter b/c it's fine for running from the car to the bar/restaurant/etc.

  3. Love it! Classic, and stylish. Will never go out of style!

  4. Love a classic trench, you'll have it forever! Please let me borrow it;)

  5. I think thats great that you want to get this, but it is obnoxious that you post about should never talk about how much you spend on something...especially that much $$$$$$ on A COAT..even if you don't want to appear to be bragging, it just looks that way. Come-on..common sense. I'm sure you justified it all by the way your paying for it, but you come off as very shallow..very could you not.