Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Beauty Buzz

Whenever I learn a great beauty tip I love to pass it along.  Today I am passing along my latest and greatest find.  A couple weeks ago I was with my tennis girls and we were discussing beauty products when 2 of my friends ranted and raved about a skin care line they both use and love..

I had never heard of the line Acure but they swore it was as good as the La Mer line at a fraction of the cost.  So of course the next day I raced to Whole Foods, (I know when I think of buying my skin care line at the same place I buy chicken... ick) and decided what the hell I will try this.  I decided to go whole hog, I bought

the cleanser....

the scrub...

the day cream...

and the night cream,
which is my favorite.  I wake up feeling like my face has tightened up yet it is still hydrated.

I think you have to try a lot of products before you find the one that works with your skin.  Would I recommend this product, absolutely,  but what sealed the deal for me was when my sister asked if I had done something different to my face, like botox.


  1. NICE! I love a good skin product. I just started using a new one too called Rhonda Allison and I think it's helping out with some gross spots I had...husband noticed too. Without prompting!

  2. I'm going to try it! I always love to try new things.

  3. Very interesting! I'll give it a try! Still in search of my fountain of youth!