Friday, April 19, 2013

Girl Friday

Woot Woot it's the weekend!!  I am going to enjoy myself thoroughly this weekend since the fashion show is O.V. E. R.!!  The show was actually a great success, we raised lots of money, everyone had a great time, both my girls walked the runway, and I did my first gig as a mistress of ceremonies.  

Now on to the weekend.

My friend and I are officially reinstating WOP (wine on porch) tonight!

Saturday the Junior League of St Louis is hosting a kitchen tour.  We go to 6 different homes to see their newly renovated kitchens.  I love these tours, you get a chance to see some really creative ideas, and most of these kitchens are nothing short of amazing.  A very good friend of mine has her kitchen in the tour, it is to die for!!!

Saturday night we are meeting friends downtown at a members only restaurant.  STL has totally embraced the whole, underground, members only, speak easy type of restaurants and bars.

Sunday, it is time to play catch up with...


  1. Sounds like another fabulous weekend!! I love that kitchen! WOWZA!

  2. Have a lovely weekend Jill... I am taking a break from blogging as life is a bit hectic right now, but will still visit when I can:)

  3. Oh I think the kitchen visit is so interesting. Have a fun weekend.

  4. Wow, gorgeous kitchen! Sounds like a fun weekend, I may have to create a WOP night here too;)