Monday, April 8, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend here, temperatures were in the 70's and the sun was shining.  What more could a girl ask for??

My Friday looked something like this...
And this is my favorite way to start the weekend.  Everyone else in the city had the same idea, finding a table anywhere outside was almost impossible.

Saturday night we went to the "supper club" restaurant and I loved it.

The entire concept they called "open" for example when we walked in there was a farm table that seated 10 people, 5 on each side.  There were already 6 people seated so that left 4 empty seats.  The hubby and I were seated at this farm table then 2 minutes later another couple was seated on the end.  We were nestled between strangers but we were all at the same table.  It actually reminded me of being in Paris, that is how the restaurants work over there.  We made small talk with our neighbors but the hubby said he felt like he needed to talk about interesting things in case anyone was listening.  (umm I was listening to what the couple next to me was talking about, they are going to New Orleans next weekend)

The restaurant was dark and cozy...  (great for romantic date night, bad for pic's)

and the food was delicious...

They are closing May 5 then will reopen in June as a Lebanese restaurant, I met the chef who told me that he is so excited for his new pop up.  He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy but the Lebanese cuisine is out of this world.

Sunday was another beautiful day which we spent at the park...

and today there is an excitement in the city...

It's home opener for these guys!!

Go Cards!!


  1. Love that picture of Scarlett!! It's Cubs opener today and pouring outside. God really does hate the Cubs! lol

    That dining experience sounds fun. There are communal tables at restaurants here too. Wine makes it less awkward. hee

  2. Sounds like great weekend! Glad you enjoyed dinner out on Saturday! And how gorgeous is your little girl?:)

  3. Nice to see the warmer weather arrive...yay to drinking wine outside and watching the world go by:)

  4. Supper club sounds amazing!! We are enjoying warmer temps here too -- finally!!