Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hits and Misses

The night of nights for fashion was May 7th at the Met Gala, or the fashion oscars.  This was a night of glitz, glamour and high fashion.  Some girls were an instant hit, while sadly some just missed the mark.

Diane Kruger, the belle of the ball.  This dress is amazing, I wish she would have done something feroish with her hair...

Camilla Belle, just got everything right from her hair, to her dress and her lips..

Bianca Brandolini D'Adda, love the cape (thanks Gwyneth) and the studs are gorgeous.  I love the simple black and white choice of Poppy Delevigne...

Every day I go to the gym and flip tires just to get Kate B's arms, and Solange is a knockout in her peplum dress


Of course we knew that Gwyneth would be a hit and I am dying over Chloe's Miu Miu frock...

Now on to some of the misses.  It kills me that SJP is on this list, but really....what was she thinking.  I am pretty sure the curtains from my childhood room are the same fabric.  That reminds me I should call my mom and see if someone broke in and stole those curtains...

Elizabeth Banks, Hunger Games is over...the odds were definitely not in your favor on Monday night..

Kirsten, when you are young, rich, and beautiful Hillary Clinton should not be your style icon!


  1. Camilla was definitely the belle of the ball!

  2. I agree Camilla, Gwyneth and Diane were all stunning!! I just can't understand why SJP and Kirsten would even consider going to the event looking like this. It's so puzzling!

  3. I love your comments and totally agree with you!!

  4. I'm dying at the Hilary Clinton comment - baahaahaa!

  5. Love Gwyneth and Diane. gorgeous! WTH was Kristen Dunst thinking??