Friday, May 18, 2012

Girl Friday, Kansas City Edition

My hubs grew up in Kansas City and his childhood home is the 2012 Designer Showcase Home to benefit the symphony.  The minute we found out this information we knew we would be heading to KC.
I am so excited to see his childhood home where he had so many happy memories.  I love hearing all his stories about what he and his siblings played on the third floor, what the house was like at Christmastime, the crazy neighbors, and how enormous the house seemed to him as a child.  He has dug out an old photo album and has been showing us pictures of what the house looked like in the 80's.  Top interior designers of Kansas City have been decorating this house for months so I am sure now it is nothing short of fabulous.

In addition to seeing his home, a mandatory stop at his all time favorite pizza joint is on our to do list...

On my to do list, a stop at one of my all time favorite joints...

We will be staying on the beautiful plaza...

and dining at one of my all time favorite restaurants...
Kansas City is supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend, good thing because I definitely plan on spending some time here...

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. KC looks beautiful - I had no idea! That's so exciting about his childhood house. Please take pictures (if you can). Can't wait to see - have FUN!

  2. Thats awesome is childhood home is being showcased! Have a great weekend and soak up the sun!!

  3. I always love the show homes. And yes, the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Enjoy my lovely city!

  4. Wow! Love to see inside:) Enjoy your weekend in Kansas:)

  5. What a gorgeous home! Hope you had a great trip to KC :)

  6. Wow that house is amazeballs!! I want to see it!
    Have a fun weekend!! Is this for Memorial Day?

  7. That's a stunning house! Sounds like you've got a fun trip planned!