Friday, May 11, 2012

Girl Friday

St. Louis native, Andy Cohen will be in his, and my, town tonight promoting and signing his new book.  My friend and I will be front and center for sure...
Saturday morning, bright and early I am running a 3.2 mile race with my daughter.  There is a program at our school called "Girls on the Run." This program is all about teaching young girls healthy choices and staying active.  For the last 3 months these girls have been training for the big race Saturday...
the race winds through the streets of downtown St. Louis...

we got our matching outfits so we are ready...

Saturday night my daughter also has a ballet recital..
afterwards as tradition, we go for a late dinner with the kids at a local restaurant which is known for having one of the best desserts in town, The World's Fair Eclair..

Sunday for Mother's day, I am indulging in a delicious brunch with my family...

and some time at the spa.

My son is making a mother's day dinner, he only knows how to make 1 thing...
love it!!

Have a beautiful Mother's Day my friends!!


  1. So sweet that your son is making mothers day dinner!!! Looks like a lovely weekend!!! I hope you have a fantastic Mother's Day Jill!!!! Enjoy your spa time!!!

  2. My best friend Emily is the leader of Girls on the Run for her school! Have a GREAT race on Saturday! And happy mother's day :)

  3. Sounds like a prefect weekend..and who doesn't love a good grilled cheese!! Love Girls on the Run!!

  4. I LOVE me some Andy Cohen. I tape his show and watch it later. Do you know he runs the Bravo Network? Impressive.

    That's so cute you and Libby are doing that race and in matching outfits!

    We are going to brunch on Sunday too. I can't wait.

    Have a good weekend. Happy Mother's Day! xoxo

  5. SO jealous that you're going to see Andy Cohen! Have tons of fun! Happy weekend xoxo