Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Run Baby Run

Libby and I had such a great time at our race Saturday.  I was so proud of her, she ran the entire 3.2 miles.  Everyone got a medal for crossing the finish line..

Today I am signing up for The Color Run in August...
This is going to be such a fun race. This one is for the adults only, margaritas not medals when we cross the finish line!!

Check and see if a Color Run is coming to your city, I have heard they are a blast!!


  1. So sad the color run didn't come to Grand Rapids! :( I love seeing all th pictures!

  2. What an amazing accomplishment for you and your little girl!! I'm so impressed with her. :)

  3. Is that where people splatter you with paint as you run by? You are going to be a moving piece of abstract art - love it!

  4. Lovely photo Jill! That color run sounds fun:)

  5. So impressive! We just had a color run in Phoenix and everyone loved it! Just make sure to wear cheap sunglasses...a friend of mine had yellow stuck in every crevice of hers. Kelli

  6. Yay Libby! What a fun way to spend Saturday with your daughter! I have heard of the color run but have never gone. You are motivating me to look into it more and start running again! xo