Thursday, May 24, 2012

Neck Candy

This past weekend I was in Kansas City and the one place I had to visit was Halls.  I love Halls,  there is only 1 and it is in KC,  it is technically a department store but to me it has more of a boutique feel.  They carry some fabulous lines and would be my go to store if I was looking for something special (and lived in Kansas City) 

While browsing the jewelry department I kept eyeing some beautiful beaded necklaces.  I am really into the hand beaded look.  It is reminiscent of the navajo necklaces and shoes I wore almost daily as a child, just the sight of the necklaces made me smile and take a little trip down memory lane...

Unfortunately my 9 year old was shopping with me and had had enough.  All she wanted to do was get back to the hotel and swim.  My thought was fine, I can always look on line.  For being such a nice and beautiful shop, they have the WORST website.  You cannot search for anything and what you do eventually find on their website is a fraction of what they have in the store.  

I never found the exact necklace I saw at Halls, I did find some pretty amazing substitutes.  I love this Fiona Paxton Coco necklace, it looks so fabulous on Drew...

and my gal Kate makes a great one too!


  1. I had one of those necklaces when I was kid too. I loved it! I think I got it in Wisconsin Dells. I've never heard of Halls and I've never been to KC. It sounds like you had fun!

  2. The dept store/boutique vibe sounds pretty awesome. I love these necklaces too. They are probably somewhat easy to bead infu try to do a basic one. Drew looks great with hers!

  3. Enjoy your weekend Jill! I love that necklace, both the one on Drew and the turquoise one! It's gorgeous!