Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saving the Best for Last

This morning we have our final "Breakfast with Santa" for this holiday season.
We put on our Sunday best and head downtown for the festivities.
I never get tired of being in this grand ball room. Every year at breakfast with Santa, when we are sitting in this beautiful room, is when Libby tells us, this is where she wants to have her wedding reception. And every year at breakfast with Santa, I see my husband have heart palpitations when he realizes he will have 2 weddings to pay for!!

ho ho ho


  1. I'm now nosy where is that? Its not the starlight room at the chase maybe Adam's mark? I'm sure my parents are already worried about how pricey my wedding will be haha!! Have fun this morning!!!

  2. What a gorgeous room, definitely a beautiful place for a wedding reception....someday!