Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas with the Girls

Tonight is my annual "Christmas with the Girls" dinner. We have been getting together for the past 8 years to celebrate the holidays and our friendships.

We eat...
We drink...
We have a gift exchange.
We have one fun night before everyone heads in different directions for the holidays.
Ho Ho Ho


  1. I did that last night!! Sounds like you have a fun night ahead of you. :-) P.S. Don't drink as many martinis as I did. I feel rotten today and now I'm off to the Children's Museum! Suck it up right? lol

  2. Have fun! Hopefully you won't have as bad a hangover I did after our girls Christmas Dinner! But its the Holidays, so like think I will detox aftewards!

  3. So adorable!! You"ll have an amazing time!!!

  4. What a great tradition! Hope you had fun!

  5. What a fun tradition! Hope you had a wonderful time. That dining room is gorgeous! :-)