Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa, Santa and more Santa!

We had our fill of Santa this weekend. Friday night we met some friends at our club for Family Night with Santa.There were carolers...
cookie decorating, reindeer games in the gym, and of course Santa....but my camera died before I could take a picture!

Saturday night Dan and I finished up our Christmas shopping for ...... Santa
afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant.

Sunday morning we woke up to this....
Then it was off to church, then my kids school for Breakfast with Santa.
There was face painting, cookie decorating, reindeer food making
Scarlett was not too happy with Santa
The only way I could get a half way decent ( and I use that term lightly) photo of my kids was if I held Scarlett while she screamed.Hope you had a Merry weekend!!


  1. So fun!!! And so super jealous of the snow!! Scarlett is cracking me up in these pictures!

  2. So fun! The snow looks gorgeous!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! Hope you're having a great day!

  3. Love Scarlett's ponytail. And that last photo is priceless!

  4. OMG...I am LMAO at Scarlett (Her pony tail is adorable!). It brings back so many memories. Love the cookie! Very nice. These pictures are a riot! :)

    Not to "one up" you, but we got 20" on Sat. Not happy one bit! Hehe...

    Thanks for looking up my dream for me in your "dream book." That one really had me stumped! Only I could dream my snatch looked like a goatee and have it be something positive! God, I LOVE it!

    Thanks, my friend!