Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home Alone

After 10 consecutive days of house guests, everyone has gone home. My family left the day after Christmas and a few hours later, Dan's family arrived.

We ate lots of food..
drank lots of wine..
went ice skating
and hung out with our cousins.
Growing up, my favorite part of the holidays was being with my cousins 24/7. Today I need to come up with a plan to burn off the 50,000 calories I have consumed the past 10 days. I think if I run from here to Chicago and back that might just do it!


  1. If we both leave now, we can meet up in Chi-Town for a glass of merlot. My back side will thank me for it later. Sheesh...

  2. Please do come visit me ladies!!! I would love that.

    Yeah - I stepped on a scale. 5 pounds!! I need to get back in the gym. lol

  3. How fun! That food looks delicious! I'm getting ready to head to the gym now--I need it!