Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Calling All Chocolate Lovers!!

Last year for Christmas we got the Bialetti cappuccino and hot chocolate maker.I love this little machine on a cold Winter morning. Pour in your milk, turn it on and viola, you have frothed milk for your coffee drink.

This little gem also makes the most amazing hot chocolate you have ever tasted. Pour in your milk, add chocolate shavings, add other sweet treats like sugar, honey, or cream, turn it on and in about 3 minutes you have a little cup of heaven...

For the holiday season, you can get peppermint hot chocolate at Traders Joe's
Better hurry because once this is gone, it's gone! You can thank me once you have finished your first cup. You can own this slice of heaven here.


  1. That sounds soooooo good!!! I went through a whole box of hot cocoa mix this week, but I'd much prefer a tin like that. Why oh why don't we have a Trader Joe's here?

  2. Ok, I really want that cappucino maker! I wonder if its too late to tell Santa! You are inspiring me to make hot chocolate tonight!

  3. That's so cool! I love my Keurig coffee maker. This would be a perfect addition. ;-)

    How is your eye doing? Mine is still horrible!!

  4. That machine looks fab! thecoolkidsblog.com

  5. I love Trader Joe's. I will definitely have to check out the hot cocoa. Hopefully they still have some available! :)

  6. I am definitely going to have to ask my mum to go to Trader Joe's to pick me up that peppermint hot chocolate yum!