Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Great Gatsby

This Saturday night the hubs and I have a "Great Gatsby" themed event at my son's school.  Most of the time I am not a big fan of themed events, why can't we just get dressed up how we want, and go out?  However this one I am excited about.

First I had to find the perfect dress, so I did a little internet search

I mean seriously, those ladies knew how to dress in the 20's

then we have the accessories...

I just love the head wrap/turban look.  I found one for myself for Saturday...

and then we have the jewels...

I ordered some bling for myself....

and to finish off my look....

a fur stole

It just seems so glamourous!!


  1. I love this style of dress! I think that is why I always love anything with beads and sequins.

  2. Please take pictures!! I want to see your final look!