Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The 30A

Spring Break is right around the corner and the timing could not be more perfect.  I am ready for some sunshine, a break in the monotony of our schedules, and a change of scenery.
Last year I vacationed in Seaside, Florida and it was love at first sight so I am going back for more this year!!

Seaside is referred to as the 30a which is the road that goes through the center of town, I would see stickers on people's car with 30a on the bumper and until last year thought that was some race (you know how people put the stickers on after they have run a marathon)

I have already mapped out my plans for the week.  
I plan on spending some hours at the clubhouse at our resort...

and on our beach....

we will be biking...

paddle boarding...

playing tennis...

and a little golf for the guys...

the house we have rented has a perfect porch for WOP every evening (wine on porch)

and they have the best open air market for straw bags, sundresses, jewelry and hats

the center of town has food truck row, the perfect spot for grabbing lunch

and one of my favorite restaurants is right outside of town...

Of course the best part, I am spending the week not only with my family, but with my sister's family....
my new baby niece


  1. So fun! I love Seaside beach!!! I just wish it wasn't such a far drive....

  2. That will be fab and your niece is adorable!!

  3. JEALOUS! Seaside is my fave. Are you staying in Watercolor or Seaside?

  4. That really looks like an amazing place in Florida to visit!! I'm SO JEALOUS! :-) Soak up some sun for me too.

  5. We loooove it there! You must go to The Great Southern restaurant in Seaside! They have the most amazing smoked Gouda cheese grits!!!