Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Treat Mom Right

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so I have just a few small items on my wish list.

the cutest hat to protect me from the sun

I love products that give back. These hand sewn bracelets by women from Nepal get 100% of the profits earned returned back to them.  I already have quite a few but I would love to add more.

Not very exciting but something I need, a new toaster.

My daughter loves to draw so I bought her these pencils and art paper with the request she makes something for me for mother's day that I can frame and hang on my wall.

All I want from my son
a squeaky clean car wash, inside and out!!

Now for my mom, she claims she has everything she wants at her ripe age so we have brunch lined up

along with these

and when my sister comes to town in a few weeks, we will all take a cooking class.

What do you want this Sunday??


  1. You have great ideas!! I sent my mom a gift card for Cracker Barrel. Isn't that hilarious? My parents love to eat there. They are visiting us this weekend and I'm going to make a nice lunch for her too. :0)

    Get those gray jeans. They are really comfortable! I would size down b/c they do stretch out a bit when you wear them. Not too much, but get them tight. hee

  2. This is related to another post, but I love that gap dress you can wear 4 ways (don't have it, want it!) I so love Gap this year. And for Mother's Day? I just want someone to bring me lunch and a glass of wine, ha!!!! Oh, and clean up after me for once!

  3. I love the sun hat . I just want my two children to pass their exams they are both at university and we are enduring that stressful week that goes with studying . It almost feels like I am sitting my exams. Have a lovely Mother's Day. Mother's Day is celebrated earlier in the year here in Ireland.

  4. Great ideas Jill...hope you will have a fabulous day:)