Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hit the Deck

The fact that every time I drive by any pool and all I see are workers swarming around cleaning the deck, filling the pool with water, and fluffing the pillows on the chaise loungers is my reality check that summer is about a week away.  Ladies it is time to get out our beach bags and stock up with summer essentials.

The first place to start is making sure you have the perfect bag.  If you are like me, your pool bag also doubles as a purse so it needs to be versatile and cute.  I have found a few that seem to fit the bill...

LillyPulitzer shoreline tote

and the most important bag for the summer...

One to carry our wine!

Now it's an entire new post on what to put inside.


  1. I love that Kate Spade one!! Hilarious and so cute.

  2. Love the first one and the sequin one! I need a beach bag in a major way. My sister is getting married in Sept in Cozumel and the whole family is going! So I need to find one that is big and cute for all of our things!

  3. Loving all of these bags. Now that the beach is down the road from me I think I need to get a few new ones. xx