Friday, May 17, 2013

Girl Friday

Happy Weekend!  This time next week the kids will be out of school and summer will have begun, yikes!!

Here are a few things I foresee for this weekend.

Dark and Stormys, the best summer drink...

Finding my latest and greatest new discovery in the city.  The fashion truck, Rack + Clutch.  Just like the food trucks that travel throughout the city but instead she has the best clothes, jewelry and handbags...
I already know where she will be on Saturday, yeah!!

A cardinals game with the kiddos...

Finishing touches on my patio, I am having a big party in a couple weeks and need it party ready.  I am hosting a dinner party for my dad's 70th and here is the look I want to recreate...

And finally time to bust out the swim suits, the pool opens in 7 days!!

Have a beautiful weekend


  1. What?! A fashion truck?! That's so genius!!! I've never tried a dark and stormy but I've heard great things! Enjoy!

  2. I know - I can't believe school is almost out. Unbelievable!! Maybe b/c we had no spring I can't believe summer is here?

    That looks like a gorgeous party setting. You can totally do that!

    Have a great weekend and hopefully the only thing Dark & Stormy is your cocktail. :-)

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Have a great time celebrating your daddy!

  4. A fashion truck sounds amazing!! Love outdoor parties....such fun to organise:) Have a lovely weekend!

  5. A fashion truck? Be still my heart! How fun-happy weekend Jill!

  6. How have I not heard of the fashion truck?! So cool!