Friday, May 24, 2013

Girl Friday

Summer vacation has officially begun!!  Well it actually began for me last night when I met some girls out for a delicious dinner at one of the most charming restaurants in the city...

then we ran across the street to end the night at the champagne bar.

Today we spending the day at 6 Flags...

then I am meeting the hubby for a well deserved one of these...

I am so excited for my Saturday night, 8 couples are doing BarCycle St. Louis.  We basically all sit on a really big bike with a stocked bar and pedal around downtown while drinking.  I have heard this is crazy fun, but I have no idea what to wear.  On one hand, I want to look cute and wear heels but then again I will be sitting on a bike pedaling.

Also this weekend, our pool is opening...

and we have a few BBQ's lined up...

Have a beautiful weekend, and woo hoo it's extra long!!


  1. I wouldn't want to drink much if I was on that bike....would probably fall off!! Enjoy your weekend Jill:)

  2. We have the Cycle Tavern here in Columbus. A bunch of girlfriends and I did it two summers ago. It was SO fun! However, it is actually work pedaling that thing! Make sure you wear something comfy. I wore Toms wedges and they were fine for pedaling around. Enjoy!!!

  3. I'm laughing at that crazy cycle tavern!! That looks like way too much work for me, but at least you're burning calories while you drink them?