Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer is here!

This has been an odd week for me, first we had the holiday on Monday, second my youngest still had her last day of school on Tuesday and the other 2 were already out, and finally it always takes me a week to transition from school routine to summer mode.  With that being said, each morning I wake up I am deeper and deeper into summer living.  

A few pictures from pinterest also put me in the mood....

and I leave you with a picture of my 4 year old when I told her school was finished for the year!!


  1. Can you believe Henry isn't out until June 14?

    Love those pictures!!! Happy SUMMER!

  2. Enjoy your Summer....your daughter is so cute!!

  3. That picture of your baby is the cutest!!

  4. I LOVE that picture! Adorable. Great moment captured:)