Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Parties Past

A couple weekends ago, we flew up to Chicago for my brother in law's 30th birthday. It was a quick trip, and we all had a blast. Having an extra day this past weekend, I finally got around to uploading and organizing some photos. One of the things I love about blogging is that it forces me to keep on top of all my photos. Here are a few shots from our party weekend.

Being from St. Louis, my brother in law had to have his Cardinals cake....
The fabulous birthday boy, with his equally fabulous wife..Time to celebrate...

My sister's in law, whom I just love spending time with, and my fabulous mother in law ...
the whole family clan...

and after the party, some late night dancing at Frontiers at 1amMy mom was right when she said "nothing good comes from staying out past midnight!"


  1. That cake is so cool!!Looks like everyone had a fab time celebrating!!Hope to see pics of dress you wore this weekend!!

  2. Bwhaha...well, isn't that the truth?!

    Looks like a fun time. You BIL looks just like your mister. Twins!

    Have a great day!

  3. Fun times! You have the best weekends!

  4. I love how much fun you're always having. You are my role model in so many ways!!! Hope you had a great party with your sister visiting this weekend!

  5. Your hair looks so cute pulled back like that! And adore the cake :)

  6. That's hilarious...and looks like so much fun! You've got one good lookin family!