Friday, September 23, 2011

Girl Friday

This morning I am off to the launch party of our brand new Nordstrom, my hubs says he doesn't even want to know why I was invited, or why Nordstrom loves me so much...

Our first official tailgate party of the Fall...
Sunday, the hubs is playing in a golf tournament with his dad and brother....
He has a chance to win a million dollars....or a new 5 series BMW...

Later that night, dinner at the beautiful Log Cabin Club for the golf players and their dates...If all goes well, we will be driving home our new BMW. Ah a girl can dream!!
Have a beautiful weekend, mes amies!!


  1. Happy shopping!They will probably like you a whole lot more by tonight!!

  2. Another beautiful weekend! Have fun at the Nordstroms party! Mister always wonders why Nordstrom and Neimans call me for sales and parties.

  3. Good luck to Dr. Beautiful!! That is SO funny about the Nordstrom invite. You must be so excited to get one!! I thought you had one? Have a fun weekend!!!

  4. Have a great weekend, too. Sounds like you have a lot of fantastic things planned. :)

  5. Good luck to your Hubby today! You have to let us know how he does! :)