Thursday, September 29, 2011

Antique Time

Today, I am meeting up with a friend to go to antique row, then a late lunch. One thing I love about going to antique stores, you never know what you are going to find...
I would love to find a beautiful antique chandelier to hang in my bedroom...and some lamps for the family room...
I would love an oversized clock to hang over my mantle...

I have been searing for some vintage maps to frame and hang in our office...Maybe I will find that bar cart that has been on my mind for the past year...

Let the hunting begin!!


  1. Beautiful pictures.I think a bar cart would be fab! Great for the holiday events ahead:)

  2. Simply beautiful...nice decorations!

  3. I love antique shopping too, Send a bar cart my way if you find one!

  4. Oh, that bar cart is so "Mad Menish." Love it!