Friday, September 9, 2011

Girl Friday

Is it just me, or does every weekend from September to December seem so busy? This weekend in STL is the art fair, one of my favorite weekends. Tonight, Dr. Beautiful and I will be sipping wine, admiring art, and people watching....

Saturday night, I am hosting, along with some friends, a wine party. This is a fundraiser for our children's school. We had to come up with something creative to raise money, I hope this works... if not I am going to have a lot of wine to drink!! I will share all the details next week.
My Libby has a birthday on Sunday...We are having tea at the Ritz....

then off for mani's and pedi's.Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. I can't believe it's Libby's birthday again! The year has flown by!

    Have a fun weekend with large amounts of wine! :)

  2. Birthday's fly around.Hope she has a lovely day.Have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck at wine party!

  4. I'm going to a wine party on Saturday too!! Happy Birthday to Libby!! Tea at the Ritz sounds fab. I love high tea!!

  5. Good luck for the wine party, sounds like a good idea ;) Happy Birthday to your little girl!

    xo Doro

  6. Sounds like a busy weekend. I predict that the fundraiser will be a huge success! Happy bday to your little sweetie... tea at the Ritz and mani/pedis sound like so much fun! xo

  7. You always have the best plans for the weekend! I love that you are having a wine fundraiser! I would so be there if I lived near you! My kind of fundraiser! ;) How fun taking Libby to the Ritz for tea! Sounds like a perfect Birthday! She is lucky to have you as a mommy!!!!

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