Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Like Ike

This past weekend, I threw a baby shower for this sweet little guy, Ike....
Instead of tying balloons on my front walk, I did something a little different so everyone would know they were at the right house. I made Ike letters, sprayed them gold, sprinkled them with glitter, then hung them on the front porch. When the guest drove up, this was the first thing they saw.....
The table was set...
the wine was chilling...
I found a Korean market downtown and filled the goody bags with Korean candies, cookies, chips, and gum....
A special cake with the Korean flag and "Welcome Ike"
Jello shots, for a baby shower?? At least they are baby blue....
Me, with my 2 sisters.... (I decided to wear the white dress)
It is a well known fact that my parties always end with late night dancing in my family room.I love that my kids and babysitter are dancing along with everyone at midnight!!
I just laugh when a couple hours before the shower, hubby wanted to know what kind of baby shower was I throwing that involved jello shots and a dance party mix? My answer, best baby shower ever!!


  1. Everything looks so beautiful!!You have fabulous styling ideas.Dress looks great.I'm sure your sister was thrilled to have such a great party to welcome Ike.

  2. How fabulous! Looks like a lot of fun. Definitely the best baby shower ever! Not so stuffy!

    Dress is very cute. Great choice!

  3. You throw the best parties!! That reminds me - I threw a baby shower for my friend about 7 years ago. The night ended with people puking and me passing out on my water cooler giving myself a black eye. Yeah. Now that's a baby shower!!

    I love the photo of you and M. cutting a rug!! Your kids look they are having as much fun as you are. :-)

  4. This looks so fun! Love the letters. Great Welcome for baby Ike!

  5. Love love love!! The decor, goodie bags, but best of all the jello shots and dancing. Agree - looks like the best baby shower ever!! Definitely what I want one day for my baby shower. :)

  6. Dear Jill,




  7. so cute. the decor, goodie bags, love it all. adore this post. if you get a second I'd love if you'd check out this weeks fash fave and fash fail. I'd love to hear what you think. thanks love. xoxo

  8. We are soul sisters. Jello shooters at a baby shower is pure genius! Glad you got to wear the white dress!

  9. Love this!! Ike is such a cutie!!!! We must be long lost friends because this is my idea of a perfect baby shower!! Sounds like a great night!

  10. love the white dress! LOVE LOVE LOVE the goodie bags! How thoughtful. I agree, this was the best baby shower ever! xo Lisa