Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Talk Soup

In honor of the bitter cold weather and many snow days we have had the last couple of weeks, my friend decided to embrace Winter and have a soup luncheon today.Everyone is coming out of hibernation today to gossip, catch up, and sample 5 different types of soup. I think this is a perfect idea for the dead of Winter!!


  1. Sounds fab! You must share recipes if there are good ones! Have fun!

  2. Perfect. Love this idea!

    I could never pull this one off. None of my friends know how to cook. LOL!

    Have fun!

    I contemplated putting my soon-to-be 44 year old WAXED legs on my post today. NOT!

    A girl can dream though. Right???

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Une bonne soupe aux légumes?... Hmmmmm, c'est bon, en cette saison!

  4. Oui Richard, soupe l'oignon avec fromage de chevre, soupe de pomme de terre, soupe de champions, et j'oublie les autres

    bonne journee

  5. What a fun idea!! And Giuliana went off about a month and a half ago so probably won't be back on for a while. We'll have to suppliment her with RZoe and Tori and Dean for a while. I think they're both coming on this spring!

  6. Oh what a GREAT idea!
    It's funny that I stopped by here this morning (I forgot you taught French!), we're just about to start homeschool and we're working on learning some French, simple phrases, words, numbers, etc and it's quite funny since I do not know what I'm doing! :)

  7. I love this idea! Hope you post about it after :-)