Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Let It Snow!

A snowstorm came through late last night, because of the storm, schools are closed today..St Louis is covered in a blanket of snow...
Today is the perfect day to start a fire
drink hot chocolate
and stay in bed!
Have a happy and warm Tuesday


  1. Is it bad to admit that I was a little bummed that school was cancelled? I feel like it has been a month since we've had a legit schedule! The snow is so pretty to look at though (as opposed to the sheet of ice we have here!) Enjoy your relaxing day!

  2. The kids love "snow days." Parents???

    Definitely cozy! Sounds perfect!

  3. Enjoy your snow day!!! Facebook and twitter were going crazy with all my friends younger than me from high school so excited for their first snow day of the year!!!

  4. What are you kids going to do all day? Play outside? So fun!!

    I wish yesterday was my last dental appoitment but I have 2 more!!

  5. We stayed home yesterday from the storm...your pictures are making me long for another one!!!

  6. I love snow! (as long as I can stay indoors an appreciate the beauty from my window!)