Thursday, January 29, 2015

Food Addict

Last weekend I was away for a girls spa/wine/eating/birthday weekend and it was!!  Our weekend kicked off at a spa in the heart of our wine country about an hour away.  When the girls showed up we had a breakfast bar all ready to go stocked with bloody marys, mimosas, and brunch.  I made yogurt parfait in a jar and now I cannot stop eating them

I layered greek yogurt, granola, fresh blackberries and agave nectar then repeated.  I am horrible with breakfast, usually my breakfast is a big cup of coffee, then by 10 I am so starving I will eat just about anything.  This past Sunday night I made a yogurt for each morning this week and this past Sunday I have also officially started an addiction.  Not only are they so tasty they will actually hold me over until lunch.

Friday night of our girls weekend we had a chef come out to our cottage to make dinner.  I am now completely jealous of an anyone that has a personal chef.  I really enjoy cooking but honestly night after night can get a little tiresome (and I probably only cook 3 nights a week)  Who wouldn't love to tell someone what they want to eat then hours later the entire spread is laid out for you.  
our appetizers

One of the side dishes the chef prepared was cheesy grits.  I have never had grits but all I can say is Oh My God they are so damn good.  Of course Sunday night at home we had cheesy grits with our dinner.  I made this recipe and it was almost as good as the chef's

So to counter act all my new food addictions I have promised the birthday girl to go to yoga with her

I have been dying to try this yoga studio for awhile now but I am kind of dead set on my current workout schedule,  I have my days scheduled perfectly and I am a creature of habit..... but a promise is a promise so off I go

I might need some new tops...

apparently in addition to being a food addict I am a shopping one too!!


  1. What a fun weekend! Hiring a chef is such a great idea. I think Pearl's will have cheesy grits.. YUM.

  2. That food looks amazing Jill! Have a great weekend:)