Monday, January 12, 2015

Winner, Winner

I love Golden Globe Sunday, nothing is better than sitting in front of the TV and watching one celebrity after the other strolling down the red carpet for hours and hours picking my favorites.(especially when it is freezing outside)

I must have some sort of obsession with the plunging neckline 

and I loved the hem line on this
plus this is something that anyone could actually wear out and about.

This color is perfect

and I know some of you might think this is hideous, but I REALLY REALLY liked this dress
but I would of done my jewelry completely different.

Just add a pair of statement earrings

and a cool statement ring

and you're done.
I mean, I seriously want this look for date night with the hubs.


  1. There were some interesting looks for sure! I really liked Emma Stones' pants which is very surprising because I am usually anti!

  2. OK - I totally agree with you and love that dress on Kristin Wig. I'm obsessed with Kate Hudson in that white dress. Her body is SICK. I must have gone to bed and missed Gwennie. I was on a champagne buzz from watching football and didn't last very long with the Golden Globes. ;-)

  3. There were some beautiful dresses hard to choose a favourite, but although I am not normally a pink lover I did love Gwneths! Xx